Major League Hacking 2023 Hackathon Season

1st October - 2nd October (closed)



ACE - The Association of Computer Enthusiasts, presents the 4th edition of HackVSIT(Hybrid) under the banner of CSI - Students' Convention 2022. We at ACE believe in encouraging the growing talent and by HackVSIT we bring together, people with different outlook and solutions for already existing problems using technology and design. For 24 hours, you will work together with your teams to envision and develop the technology of tomorrow for solving the problems of today.

Some facts and numbers about HackVSIT:
Over 1900 students registered for HackVSIT 2020 and 350 were shortlisted.
Prizes worth 1 Lakh were distributed.
Over 25+ brand sponsors helped us make our event a great success.

Know more about hackathons
  • DAY 1
  • Registration 9AM
    This site requires two factor authentication : college ID & invitation email.
  • Inauguration Ceremony 10AM
    Opening speech, Mentor and Judges introduction, general instructions.
  • Community meetup 11AM
  • Hack Begins 12PM
    First solve the problem. Then, write the code.
  • Lunch 2PM
    Tag a food lover :P.
  • Evening Snacks 5PM
    I do it for the cookies!
  • Dinner 8PM
    There is no “we” in food.
  • Idea Validation 10PM
    How about calling it a requirements festival?
  • DAY 2
  • Midnight Snacks 2AM
    Such snacks, much wow.
  • Sprint 3AM
    Sprint activity.
  • Breakfast 8:30AM
    More food? I don’t mind.
  • Preliminary Round 10AM
    Release your hack :D
  • Preliminary Round Result 11AM
    Don't worry, we won't keep you waiting.
  • Final Round Begins 11:30AM
    Time to rock ! May the code be with you!
  • Result and Prize Distribution 12:55PM
    Congrats! You all made it to the end.



To make HackVSIT even more fun, we are introducing Sprints this year.
Sprints will be separate mini competitions/activities that the participants can participate in, to relax and enjoy some fun mind exercises.
Each sprint will feature task(s) related to a particular skill-set and points will be awarded to each participant based on the completion of these task(s).
The winner would be awarded a cash prize and swags from a variety of collection.

NOTE: Sprints are optional and separate mini events that will not affect the judgement of a participant in HackVSIT.


Lakhs worth of prize pool

What makes HackVSIT 4.0 even more exciting is the massive prize pool, curated for all the participants and winners.
HackVSIT 4.0 has enormous prizes worth 35 lakh +. Along with this, we have special sponsored track prizes and goodies including but not limited to t-shirts, coupons, subscriptions and stickers. You can find more information about the prizes here.

NOTE: The entire prize pool for HackVSIT is worth 35+ Lakhs which the participants would recieve as cash prize, goodies and swags.



Sustainable Development Goals

The Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) are a collection of 17 global goals designed to be a "blueprint to achieve a better and more sustainable future for all.'' The SDGs, set in 2015 by the United Nations General Assembly and intended to be achieved by the year 2030, are part of UN Resolution 70/1, the 2030 Agenda. We have divided them into 5 groups for a better understanding of the goals as a big problem statement for our participants.
You can choose to cater to one or more of the 17 SDGs with your solution/product in HackVSIT.

Animal Welfare

Global Wildlife population has dropped by over 60 percent since the 1970s. According to a report published by the World Wildlife Fund, ‘Earth is losing biodiversity at a rate seen only during mass extinctions.’ Around 93 percent of wild cats have been lost in the past half-century, 100 million sharks and 85 thousand elephants are killed every year for illegal supply in the animal trade market. Talking about the present scenario, more than 500 million animals lost their lives in the Australian wildfires. And, these numbers are still increasing day by day. If this trend continues, the earth would lose all of its wildlife in a very short time.

Women Safety

Among the worst countries in crime, India has a heinous track record in all forms of sexual abuse. In homes, on streets, in public transports and even offices. Indian women are in a perpetual plight of alertness, like a country on terrorist alert. There have been freakish cases of rapes of toddlers, gang rapes and women trafficking. Women's safety involves strategies, practices, and policies which aim to reduce gender-based violence (or violence against women), including women's fear of crime. Are there any innovative and implementable objectives, through which we can build an effective, fast and reliant system to make women of India feel safe and empowered?

Open Innovation

Open Innovation is the use of internal and other companies' ideas to develop new businesses. It is a co-creative process that requires excellent innovation capability including rich connectivity of people in their roles within the community. Users, all with different knowledge, skills, experiences, roles, points of view and needs, can contribute positively to the innovation process. Ideas do not come when we are bound to think, they come when we are free to think. Open innovation offers the most appropriate platform for creativity. It does not bind the hands of a developer but gives them a wide platform to use their creativity to the fullest and make innovations in already existing ideas.

Health and Education

Health and education are two prominent correlated factors that have an empirical impact on human life. Higher levels of education imply a healthy as well as longer lifespan. An educated mind is aware of the know-how to lead a healthy lifestyle and only a healthy human body can assimilate enough knowledge to become an intelligent being. A lapse on either of these would break the equilibrium and render one weak. Data from World Health Organization states 13% of the world population is obese, which is alarming considering the human population count. It’s also worth noting that more than 72 million children of primary education age are not in school and that 759 million adults are illiterate and do not have the awareness necessary to improve both their living conditions and those of their children. Your input to address the underlying difficulties are much appreciated.




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What is a Hackathon?

A Hackathon is a codefest where you get to collaborate with people to create a project in the given time. It provides a platform to the participants for turning their idea into a full fledged startup/project.

What mode is HackVSIT 4.0 going to be in?

HackVSIT 4.0 will be in hybrid mode i.e. participants can be invited to attend the hackathon in either of the modes (Online/Offline).

How big can my team be?

The maximum team size allowed is 4.

Can I register individually?

Yes, you can register as a team of 1.


HackVSIT 2022 will be a 24 hours hackathon which will stretch from 1st October to 2nd October 2022.


HackVSIT is at Vivekananda Institute of Professional Studies AU- Block (Outer Ring Road), Pitampura, Delhi - 110034.

Will there be food arrangement?

Yes. हाँ. Sure. Sí. Absolutely. You will be provided with proper meals. Thanks to our sponsors.

How much does it cost?

Zero. Zip. Zilch. Nada. Nothing. Admission to HackVSIT is completely free, thanks to our sponsors.

What are the criteria of short listing the teams?

The registered participants will be shortlisted on the basis of their brief overview of their project ideas.

What do I bring with me to the event?

You are required to bring your school/college ID, laptops, phone, chargers. A pillow and sleeping bag may be useful as well.

What is the eligibility criteria?

You must be a student from any University/College or Higher Secondary School.

Do you provide Travel reimbursement?

Top teams (from outside delhi) will be reimbursed a certain amount. We'll keep you posted on our social media handles. Stay tuned!




Dr. Dheeraj Malhotra

Associate Professor at VIPS


Dr. Pawan Whig

IEEE Senior Member


Srijit S. Madhavan

Frontend Lead at Blue Sky Analytics


Pawan Singhla

SDE-1 at Zunpulse


Aditya Dhawan

SDE3 at Tesco


Shitiz Aggarwal

Co-Founder at Code Sauce


Karuna Tata

Coach at MLH


Anshika Gupta

Ex Jr. Software Engineer at Mykare


Anmol Jain

Design Team Lead & Founding Member at Suraasa


Gaurav Gogia

Security R&D at Tenable


Mihir Bagchi

SDE-1 at Vahak


Ansh Saini

Founding member at Surasa


Sameer Kumar

Product Engineer at Sylva


Preetam Yadav

SDE at Les transformation


Geetansh Monga

Flutter Developer at


Dhirendra Chaudhary

Data Scientist at IHX Private Limited


Jai Tomar

Motion Graphic Designer at Pineappple Studios


Lakshay Kapoor

Founding Member at Surasa


Prateek Batra

Android Engineer at Gojek


Amitesh Tiwari

Software Engineer at Upstox


Shreyansh Jain

Technology lead at Surasa


Chirag Jain

Solutions Architect at Surasa



Our Team

Kirtivardhan Singh


Monish Kumar


Devesh Tibrewala


Abhishek Jha


Himanshi Duseja


Ayan Ambesh




Hemant Kathuria


Shreya Madan


Samarth Srivastava